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Fritzi has got a sunny spirit. She dreams of exciting adventures riding a hot air balloon: to fly like a bird, to float high above the clouds near to the sky. The wind carries her over mountains, forests, meadows and cities, past church spires and on to the big, blue sea. She can look into the craters of the volcanos and even see the desert from above.

Fritzi has freckles and wears a hand-dyed cotton shirt and yellow linen pants. She always has her bag with her. Her size is about 40 cm/15,7”.

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Each doll is completely handcrafted with love and joy. We only use carefully selected high quality materials, such as vintage, self-dyed fabrics or organic cotton. The dolls body is made of cotton muslin or linen.

Every doll is a unique piece and “one of a kind”. As they are handcrafted, each of them may vary slightly from the picture. Since the dolls are made to order please allow us two weeks production time prior to shipping.

Care instructions:
The dolls and their clothes do not like washing machine and dryer. Instead we recommend mild soap, warm water and cleaning by hand. They like to sit in the sun for drying.

Not intended for children ages under 3 years