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A report on “Mother’s Fines”



There are these little fine things that make life so beautiful and that I love to track down for Mother’s Finest! I also count the beautiful, hand-made rag dolls by Barbara Langl among these fine special features. So delightful, with a smiling face, cute accessories and own stories. A real eye-catcher for the children’s room and of course to play and love and let your imagination spark.

Vienna Deluxe

Spring 2019


* when is now stands for high-quality, sustainable, handmade and handmade dolls as toys, decorative objects, heirlooms and accessories from our own creative laboratory. I am happy when the dolls give their future doll mums just as much pleasure that they give me in the designs and implementation and I am excited to see what I am told about their adventures with them.

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handmade and handmade by Barbara Langl